The cannabis industry has been growing at an incredible rate, projected to reach 97.35 billion USD by the end of 2026. People around the world have taken notice of marijuana and are now using it as a legitimate option to relieve mental health symptoms and chronic pain. Despite it’s useful and effective results, there is much confusion surrounding its legality and how to go about purchasing it. This article lists the 10 things you should consider when shopping for marijuana.

Flower Selection

A big factor in picking the dispensary you want to purchase your bud from will be their flower selection. Flower selection involves the amount of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid choices there are available, as well as the types they have in each category. Ideally, you’d want to find a dispensary that has top-shelf selections of flower and perhaps a large selection of marijuana if you want options.

If you’re looking for a specific kind of flower, for example, something with more CBD than THC, or something that has certain terpenes (natural oils that determine aroma) to influence how you feel (e.g. alleviation of anxiety symptoms), then you’ll want to see if they offer flower to suit your needs.

Although the budtenders at dispensaries are qualified and sure to provide you the best recommendations, you might also want to check the flower yourself.

To ensure good quality bud, you should:
Stay clear of flowers that are brown white or dull in color
Choose flowers that have a dusting of trichome (fine hairs) on top of it
Be mindful of the overall condition of the buds. They should be well-trimmed.
Notice a strong distinct smell


Marijuana ranges in price, especially depending on what product you’re purchasing. Are you purchasing the flower itself? Are you opting for edibles? Is it a pre-roll that you’re jonesing for? Even within these categories themselves, you can find high-end products on the more expensive side of the equation and decent products that are more affordable. You can compare the quality of the product yourself with the price and decide for yourself whether it’s worth it.

Dispensary Terms of Service

All regular marijuana shoppers know that each dispensary is unique, as well as that marijuana laws are ever-changing. It’s important to become familiar with the dispensary’s terms and services, especially if you’re ordering online. Being knowledgeable is a huge part of shopping for marijuana. It requires you to know how to check for legitimacy, safety, and quality and to be assured that you’re purchasing authorized products.

Delivery Time

Depending on the state you’re in, marijuana delivery services may be widespread or it may not even be legal. If delivery is legal, you have to consider whether the dispensary or service delivers to your location as well as how long your order will take to deliver. Many deliveries are done same-day, however, this will vary.

Online Pickup

On the other hand, if the dispensary you order from or your state or area doesn’t allow legal marijuana deliveries, you can opt for online pickup. Online pickup is becoming increasingly common, and many dispensaries even offer an extra deal for it. Simply head onto their website and use the ordering system they have in place. Add your products to the cart, opt for pickup, and head to the store to pick up your items. It’s that simple.


If you’re a beginner when it comes to all you need to know about cannabis, you might want to try experimenting with your options. Often, dispensaries provide quite a wide range of products, including pre-rolls, flowers, edibles, concentrates, drinks like tea, and more.

Being spoiled for choice, it’s not a bad idea to see what combinations of THC and CBD you like, whether you prefer a certain aroma or taste, and the goals you have for your health or whether you just want some extra relaxation time in your daily life.


As mentioned in the Dispensary Terms of Service section, it’s crucial to be informed. When it comes to the legality of marijuana, it varies from area to area. Even within a state, for example, some counties don’t allow delivery whereas others do. Cannabis use is illegal in most if not all public places, you must be 21 to purchase and consume cannabis, it is illegal to drive under the influence of it, and the gram amount for possession and how many plants you can grow depends.

You should do your research before purchasing any marijuana products in order to avoid fines and sentencing.

Consumer Reviews

Consumer reviews can be helpful when deciding what strain to purchase and where to get it from. Those who have tried the products you’re curious about can give you reviews based on their experience and describe the quality, taste, aroma, and inform you of whether the product is actually worth buying. Reviews can also determine whether or not the product will be effective for your needs. If you’re curious about a product because of its reputation to alleviate stress, it could be useful to know if it has a positive success rate in doing so.

Payment Options

Payment options depend on the dispensary you choose to go to or their website. You may be able to purchase with a debit or credit card, or they may only accept cash payment. Make sure to read up on their payment policies in case they only offer one option.

Coupons and Special Deals

Coupons and special deals are great for savings, especially for those who purchase marijuana products regularly from the same dispensary. If there’s a dispensary you believe you’re going to stay loyal to, take advantage of their loyalty programs, special offers, and daily deals if they have those options.

Some deals include discounts and free gifts, while loyalty programs can provide consistent deals, cheaper overall prices, and a stamp card or points collection.