Are CBD Edibles Legal in the US?

Are CBD Edibles Legal in the US?

Are CBD Edibles Legal?

CBD – cannabidiol, one of the compounds of the cannabis sativa plant – is one of the most talked-about products at the moment, and there is still a great deal of confusion regarding the legality of CBD, and what it is and is not useful for. Below, we will talk about what CBD oil is, where and in what form it is legal, and what you should know before buying CBD in any form.

What is CBD?

Cannabis sativa is proving to be a far more interesting plant than was once believed. It is generally found in two different forms. One of these is marijuana, often known as weed. Smoked for its psychoactive effects for many decades, there are new laws coming into place state-wise across the USA that apply to marijuana use, and you should make sure you check local laws in case you are a user and they apply to you.

The other strain of cannabis is hemp – or industrial hemp. This is the plant used to produce CBD oil, which is perfectly legal in all states of the USA. There are certain laws, rules and regulations regarding the production of CBD oil and other products. These include the requirement that CBD must show only very small trace amounts of THC, another of the compounds of the plant. 

THC is the psychoactive element of cannabis, which is found in high quantities in marijuana, but far lower in hemp. CBD must be extracted only from hemp if it is to be legal, and must be produced by registered, licensed growers.

So, we are looking at whether CBD edibles are legal. This is something of a grey area, for some rather complex reasons which we will try and explain.

No FDA Approval

In 2018, a bill was passed – known as the Farm Bill – by congress that effectively legalized the production of CBD from hemp in accordance with the regulations we mentioned above. The problem is this: the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not passed as safe for use CBD edibles. 

CBD is also available as a prescription drug for certain conditions; the FDA therefore deems CBD to be a drug, and it is not permitted to be used in food products – such as edibles – as yet, nor promoted or sold as a health product. So, if you use CBD edibles, you are in effect breaking the law. The FDA is at this moment going through the motions of considering the situation, and it is not clear whether users will be prosecuted if found taking edibles. 

This confusing problem is further enhanced by the fact that some states have their own bylaws regarding the use of CBD, and edibles. For example, in Colorado, it is now legal for you to use all parts of the hemp plant in food products (although still deemed illegal by the FDA). In Texas, however, it is against the law to use any CBD product that contains even trace elements of THC – it must be completely THC free.

How To Buy CBD Edibles and Other Products

It is hoped that the FDA clears up the confusion surrounding the legality of CBD edibles, as it is a worry for people who buy and take such products for health reasons, and there are many. CBD has been shown to help people with pain relief, and is prescribed as such in certain forms, and user testimony points to it being a useful aid for stress relief, for helping with poor sleep, and for relaxation. 

We recommend you buy only from a licensed retailer, that you ensure they show you the product was made from industrial hemp and that the product complies with the laws in your state. Don’t be afraid to ask as a reputable supplier will be more than happy to tell you where it was grown, and what ingredients it contains. 

There will be further developments in CBD use and supply, so we recommend you keep reading CBD information and news and you will stay informed as to what you can and can’t do in your location. Meanwhile, find a marijuana supplier you can trust, and you can enjoy your CBD in edible form.