Pain relief with cannabis – is it effective?

Global status of medical cannabis treatment for pain The problem of chronic pain has become one of the most common in the medical world, and therefore one of the greatest challenges for physicians today. Pain is caused by a variety of reasons, including orthopedic, oncological, neurological, and psychological. ch Studies support the claim that medical cannabis can reduce chronic pain through putative mechanisms. For example, a 2009 study […]

is Cannabis Dangerous

Millions of patients around the world consume medical cannabis. Opponents of the plant claim that it is a ‘gateway drug’ to other drugs, prejudices attribute certain properties to consumers, but is there such a thing as an ‘overdose’ of cannabis? In the United States, for example, there are over 4 million citizens who suffer from […]

New York legal cannabis

Official: New York approved legalization – up to 85 grams and 6 plants for personal use Up to 85 grams for personal use and up to 6 plants for home cultivation – the New York Legislation Act has been finally approved. Criminal records will be erased, a 13% tax will be imposed on the market, […]

How Does Cannabis Affect Sex

As early as the seventh century India cannabis was used as a prelude to spiritual tantric sex rituals, and even today cannabis consumers say that the use of the plant improves their sex life. We asked ourselves, “I wonder what science has to say on the subject?” And after we checked, here we are running […]

Common Cannabis effects

The feelings that accompany the use of cannabis vary from person to person. While some people will prefer the “hi” feeling that is created to a small and gentle degree, and some will prefer a strong and dominant feeling. There will be people who will want to feel the effect of cannabis all over their […]