Best way to store your Cannabis

Best way to store your Cannabis

The best way to store the recreational cannabis plant is in custom vacuum bags

The following is a bundle of expert advice for weed consumers and patients and, regarding cannabis storage:

First, it is important to store cannabis out of the reach of children and people who do not have a license to use the substance..
Improper storage may cause the flowers to dry out excessively or alternatively raise moist mold. The active substance in the drug may be oxidized and thus the drug may lose its effect.

Here are some friendly tips from our team of experts:

1. Avoid plastic bags. Storing cannabis in a plastic bag (for example a lunch bag) is considered the most common way, but as a result, you may cause the plant to become excessively dehydrated. The static electricity inside the bag can cause the active ingredients in the drug to detach from it and stick to the sides of the bag.
It is recommended to avoid plastic bags, but if you have no other choice, wrap the cannabis in any paper and then put it in a plastic bag and make sure to remove the air from the bag and seal it.

2. Get it from any glass! From any small glass with an airtight lid, it is the best thing for your medicine and for you. The glass retains moisture outside the container. For long-term storage, try to avoid opening and closing the container multiple times to avoid getting air in.

3. Keep the cannabis in a cool, dark and dry place! By doing so you will prolong the life of your drug.

4. Add citrus peel! Here is a special trick for you. Add a small piece of citrus peel to the storage container to keep it fresh and prevent 5.the plant from drying out. Make sure the shell does not rot and replace it if necessary.