Top California Cannabis Shops & Weed Dispensaries

In California only there are 140 cities that you will be able to find weed & pot stores. Many cannabis shops are starting to offer online ordering functionality and mail order/weed delivery services.


The best selling Cannabis Edibles in California 

An often delicious and discreet way to consume cannabis, edibles are one of the most popular categories of products sold in the industry. Especially in California, more populous cities like San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles list edibles as the most popular cannabis item purchased among the population. But, what makes a top-shelf edible? Cannabinoid consistency, a reliable THC:CBD ratio, freshness, flavor, duration, and onset, as well as packaging. In this article, we’ll explore four stores in California that provide some of the best-selling cannabis edibles in the state, from sweet treats to beverages.


Eaze is a popular cannabis marketplace site that has an incredible selection of cannabis edibles, including more uncommon products such as peanut butter, sriracha, mustard, jelly, and crackers. For those seeking a lower dose, the Raspberry & Hibiscus Beverage Mix (5mg THC / 10mg CBD) by Atlas is a great choice. Being rosin-influenced, it contains the best parts of cannabis there is. In terms of high CBD products, try out the Strawberry 20:1 CBD:THC Gummies by WYLD, which contain real fruit and are enhanced with CBD oil.


Kushfly dominates the SoCal area, and sells a variety of edibles, including pet edibles! If you’re looking for brighter, fruitier, and more vibrant edibles, Kushfly is the place to go. Go for the Smashed Plus Neon Sour Worm Gummies if you want a classic edible. One bag contains 45 gummies with a total of 5000mg of THC. Kushfly also offers some outrageous doses for those with high tolerances, or for those who want something to nibble on overtime. The Meraki tutti frutti chocolate has 300mg of THC in one bar, while the Loud Edibles brownie contains 500mg.


Primarily serving Los Angeles and Orange County, as well as other areas of California, Amuse has something for everyone. Here’s your chance to try something new, with a small bag of movie theatre popcorn, a delicious milk chocolate churro bar, or lemon cookies, all with a total of 100mg in the package. For those looking for something a little milder but equally delicious, Amuse offers honey shots with dosages of 2mg or 10mg of THC, and one with 2mg of THC and 10mg of CBD for utmost relaxation.


Buzz Delivery offers variety packs, bulk buys, and even jerky links for the experimental. The Mandarin Teriyaki Beef Jerky links are one-of-a-kind artisan edible with a total of 92mg per pack. Even fancier, Zendo’s Spicy Honey Sea Salt almonds are award-winning, with a powerful 100mg per pack. Sick of the snacks? Wash it all down with the Rebel Coast Mixed Berry Seltzer with 10mg per can for a light buzz. Can’t decide? Get a taste of it all with the Snack & Drink Bundle.

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