Southern California has emerged as a popular destination for operating a cannabis business which may include manufacturing, lab testing, distribution, retailing etc. There are multiple retail cannabis businesses that have successfully set foot and achieved rapid growth in Southern California. One name among these businesses is Sweet Flower, which is expanding its presence all over the state. Sweet Flower has the eminence of being the only company that has been granted key approvals as well as licensing awards. Recently, the cannabis retail brand announced two new locations for doing business – Culver City and Pasadena.

For most retail companies, acquiring licensing for the cannabis business in a competitive market like Southern California is tough. There are large cannabis business chains that operate in multiple states and competing with them isn’t easy. Therefore, a new entrant into the cannabis market needs to focus on three things to succeed – superior quality service, education and customer experience. Building a premium cannabis business in Southern California has its own challenges.

In Southern California, there are many regional institutions and organizations that offer support to cannabis businesses. Meetups are also held in multiple places across the state to discover and share new opportunities in the cannabis industry. The Southern California Cannabis Business Investment Group (SCCBIG) aims to provide the much-needed help to entrepreneurs. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an investor, this group helps you connect with cannabis industry professionals, discuss the latest trends and discover new opportunities for success. Likewise, the Southern California Coalition is the largest of all the cannabis trade associations in the state. As a representative of every sector of the cannabis industry, the association plays a key role in making sure that there are no discrepancies in the enactment and implementation of legislation at the local, state and federal levels.