Commercial cannabis activities are prohibited in the city of San Marcos. As per San Marcos Municipal Code (SMMC) Chapter 5.54, no one can either conduct cannabis operation or use it within the jurisdictional limits of the city. Therefore, it is important for any visitor to the city to understand the cannabis regulations and follow them.

After marijuana legalization in California, the industry is witnessing a rapid growth. The San Diego area, in particular, has turned into a thriving cannabis market. Cities have an excellent opportunity to cash in on this trend by gathering tax revenues off legalized marijuana. Many cities have already allowed the operations of cannabis activities within their jurisdictions. However, the city of San Marcos is yet to join in, as the city’s mayor believes that they don’t need that money.

Though people’s attitude towards the use of cannabis is changing, the confusion over the difference between state and federal marijuana laws still remains. Citizens in San Marcos need to change their views around cannabis products as well. Currently, a majority of the city’s population is against the opening of cannabis dispensaries.

Many people in San Marcos believe that the sale and use of cannabis and cannabis products should be legalized. Since getting cannabis from the streets is illegal and punishable offence, many citizens hope that the times will change and ordinance allowing cannabis activities will be adopted soon in the city. As per the state law, anyone above the age of 21 is allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants indoors. Any residence that grows the permissible number of cannabis plants also needs to adhere to other regulations such as enclosed structure, adequate sanitation facilities, proper ventilation and no public nuisance among others. Outdoor cultivation of cannabis plants is completely forbidden anywhere in the city.

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