Cannabis businesses are just getting a start in Vista, California. The city of Vista agreed to legalize marijuana after being pressurized by a citizen’s initiative called Measure Z. However, only a select few cannabis businesses will be able to set base and operate in the city. This is because a lot of money is required, aside from some luck to be approved by the concerned city offices.

As per the local laws, Vista allows no more than 11 cannabis dispensaries to operate within its jurisdiction. The approval process is quite expensive, and so any cannabis businesses that wishes to operate in Vista should have a lot of cash. A business needs to produce two checks – one for $100,000 for completing the approval process and other for $10,000 for future permitting expenses. Moreover, there’s no surety as to who will be approved and who won’t be. 

There are several businesses that are vying to win over the approval process for a legal marijuana dispensary in Vista. The application process will be conducted on a first-come-first-served basis. The approval process is an unbiased one; who will get approved will be decided through a lottery. There are multiple requirements and anyone willing to clear the approval process must fulfill all the guidelines along with submitting the required documents. The application process adopted in Vista is different from that of Chula Vista, where invitation has been extended to all. In that city, applications are ranked on the basis of assigned scores.

Vista allows cannabis businesses to operate only in the Vista Business Park area. This is the principal location where all the medicinal cannabis activities will be conducted. Cannabis laboratory testing will be added at a later time, after a voting process and approval by the City Council.