is Cannabis Dangerous

Millions of patients around the world consume medical cannabis. Opponents of the plant claim that it is a ‘gateway drug’ to other drugs, prejudices attribute certain properties to consumers, but is there such a thing as an ‘overdose’ of cannabis? In the United States, for example, there are over 4 million citizens who suffer from […]

New York legal cannabis

Official: New York approved legalization – up to 85 grams and 6 plants for personal use Up to 85 grams for personal use and up to 6 plants for home cultivation – the New York Legislation Act has been finally approved. Criminal records will be erased, a 13% tax will be imposed on the market, […]

How to Purchase Marijuana in Los Angeles

The marijuana industry has boomed over the past few years. While the substance has been legal for medical use since the mid-90s in California, adult-use or “recreational” use has only recently been a widespread concept. Over 1500 retail stores and dispensaries have opened up just in the Los Angeles area, which has helped individuals relax, […]