Common Cannabis effects

Common Cannabis effects

The feelings that accompany the use of cannabis vary from person to person. While some people will prefer the “hi” feeling that is created to a small and gentle degree, and some will prefer a strong and dominant feeling. There will be people who will want to feel the effect of cannabis all over their body while others will want to feel it mostly in their head and awareness.

There are many different preferences regarding the way cannabis affects us, not all of us are able to control it, although there are some simple factors that can affect it. By understanding these factors, we can lead ourselves to a positive and desirable experience in cannabis use.

Our environment

Our Environment

The environment and atmosphere in which we are when using cannabis are a significant part of its impact on us and should be understood and seriously considered. You can use the same cannabis plant, on two different days, and experience completely different experiences from each other.

Before use, it is recommended to ask yourself – what is my mood and what is my attitude to the environment that surrounds me? Am I calm, happy, comfortable? Is there anything that bothers me or bothers me?

It is important to be aware of our feelings and environment and understand the best conditions for us to use cannabis..

The method of consuming cannabis

Smoking, steaming cannabis and using cannabis oil are all possible and acceptable ways to consume. While each method of consumption, our body “processes” differently. We know that with each method of consumption the time it takes for cannabis to take effect varies and in addition, the duration of the effect itself. However, the level of impact and the “hi” created also varies between the methods.

In addition, certain consumption methods make it easier for us to control the exact amount of cannabis consumed. For example, when we consume cannabis by evaporation, it is more difficult for us to keep track of the exact amount of cannabis consumed, compared to smoking a rolled cigarette.

It is important that we know our limits in every method of consumption. Even if a person likes and is used to smoking a rolled cannabis cigarette, it does not mean that he will like steaming cannabis.


The amount of cannabis consumed is probably the most influential factor in the “hi” level.

Using too little cannabis, one can feel that there is no change and everything is “normal”. Used in too much amount, the feeling can become negative and the desire is just to wait for the end of the cannabis effect.

The difference between the doses is thin. It is important to know the exact dosage that is right for you, in consultation with a doctor or pharmacist, in order to reach the midpoint and the desired feeling.

The composition of cannabinoids

Information on the composition of cannabis used is one of the most effective ways to know how the plant will affect us. Some people will like the psychoactive effect of cannabis which is enriched with THC and will deal with it well, however other people may be stressed and apprehensive of this type of effect.

Of course, the amount of CBD, the second major cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, also has many effects. The composition of cannabinoids between the different cannabis strains are very diverse and variable.

Also the ratio between the amount of CBD and the amount of THC in the plant is significant and not just the amount of each of them individually, the two cannabinoids have a direct effect on each other.


In addition to the active cannabinoids like THC and CBD, there are herbal molecules called terpenes, which are responsible for the diverse aromas of cannabis and also help strengthen its effects.

Certain terpenes are known for their benefits – another effect of “lemon” is a sedative, “linol” is the terpen which gives lavender its scent which is known to be especially soothing.

The issue of the effect of terpenes on the sensations produced by cannabis requires more comprehensive research. However, there is ample evidence that it is true and well-founded.

Age of the patient

You may have heard of many patients who experimented with cannabis in their youth and loved its effect, however, over the years they have become less and less fond of it.

According to a study conducted in 2007, it was found that there is a significant relationship between our age and the way the body “processes” the cannabis we consume. According to the results of the study, as we get older cannabis use may be accompanied by anxiety or insecurity.

This topic requires further research, but it is advisable to consider the dosage and type of cannabis (in consultation with a doctor or pharmacist) depending on our age, and sometimes different from what we remember we liked at an earlier age.


Each person is different from the other, and so is each person’s endurance to cannabis.

Frequency of use, physiology, duration of cannabis use, cannabis dosage – all of these and more affect our endurance to cannabis and it is important that we know it well.

Only we, when we know and understand what is our endurance to cannabis, how and when we should consume it, can we say what is the level of impact we would like to feel from cannabis use. What is the level of “hi” we would like to experience.

With the help of experts, doctors and pharmacists, we can point out the right cannabis strain in the right and desired dose – whether to soothe stress and anxiety, to treat physical problems or any other medical need doesn’t accept any accountability for any part of medical care regulated with the guide of materials gave. The data contained thus isn’t expected to cover every conceivable use, bearings, precautionary measures, admonitions, drug collaborations, unfavorably susceptible responses, or unfriendly impacts. In the event that you have inquiries regarding the substances you are taking, check with your PCP, medical caretaker or Docotor , or drug specialist.