The Difference Between Online Weed Dispensaries and Retail Stores

The Difference Between Online Weed Dispensaries and Retail Stores

The legalization of marijuana in certain states of the USA has led to much discussion about how ‘cannabis industries’ will grow and prosper. This is certainly very likely, but it appears it will take some time to happen. The law differs for each state that has so far legalized marijuana for recreational use, so it is worth checking what the situation is where you are. For the record, the following are the 10 states in which it is now permitted:

Illinois will join this list on January 1st, 2020, having very recently passed a bill. It’s worth noting that individuals are usually limited as to how much cannabis they can have on their person – the standard seems to be an ounce, as in California – while some states allow you to cultivate a certain number of plants at home. Check your state laws before you buy!

So, what is the difference between buying at a retail store, and buying your cannabis online?

The Best Way to Buy Marijuana in the US

Legislation in many of the above states allows for licensed stores to start selling marijuana legally. Some – Michigan and Vermont, for example – have yet to get around to implementing legislation for licensed stores, yet allow the user to grow plants at home. 

mary janes weed storeApplications for licenses for retail stores – that is physical stores – have been made in states and cities where it is permitted. The city of San Diego, for example, reports that it is now home to 40 cannabis growing facilities – which must also be licensed – and has granted 22 retail licenses. Most of the latter have yet to open an actual store. 

Whether retailers are waiting to see other retail cannabis stores open and gauge their success before entering the market themselves, or are simply looking for the right location, is open to question. As it stands, the fact is that most of the cannabis sold in California is still from the black market.

Then there’s the element of discretion. Marijuana may now be legal, but there is still a stigma attached to it in certain quarters, and not everybody wants to be seen going in and out of a store that is selling cannabis. This is especially so where employers frown upon employees using cannabis – even where it is legal to do so. Hence, online retailers are currently the most popular sources of legal cannabis.

The Online Cannabis Sales Boom

There is a certain convenience to buying marijuana online, and it extends beyond the fact your retailer will happily provide your weed in a plain package for discretion! You have most likely bought a variety of products online, and buying marijuana is no different. 

online weed store med menWhat is important is that you find the right online retailer for your marijuana supplies. In any booming market – and the cannabis market is going to undergo massive growth with 11 states having legalized the substance, and 15 more having decriminalized possession of a small amount for recreational use – there will be fierce competition, and this can lead to poor quality control.

As a weed smoker you will be well aware of the difference between a quality product and a poor one. The effects of legislation are expected to be that, over time, the vast majority of marijuana sold legally in the USA will be of a decent quality. This is because growers must be licensed, and must be able to prove the weed they are supplying conforms to the legal requirements in that particular state. 

It is in the interests of growers and online retailers to ensure they are providing their customers with quality weed, or they will find they are losing custom to someone who is. We recommend you talk to a few online retailers, ask them where their weed comes from and any more details that are important to you, and then try a product from two or three online dispensaries to find the marijuana to your taste.

Undoubtedly, the online weed dispensary is the most convenient and, when you find the right one, trustworthy way of buying good weed, so start checking them out right now. We have gone through the pain staking process of reviewing all of the top LEGAL online cannabis stores, so that you don’t have to worry about getting screwed. Check out our lists based on your location.