Five Cannabis Strains to Try during COVID-19

Five Cannabis Strains to Try during COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world around us as we know it, from isolating us within our homes away from the physical outside world, preventing us from being around our friends and family, and making it a stressful time for us financially, mentally, and physiologically. Cannabis users can take advantage of this period to test out a few strains that can provide an inspiring mindset, much-needed relaxation, a boost in positive emotions, and other effects to counteract what this unexpected time brings about.


Northern Lights

 This famed strain is found among some of the most popular flower in the world, an Indica strain that is known for its sticky, resinous buds and therapeutic effects. It’s no question why the strain was named after the otherworldly phenomenon, given the beauty of the buds themselves and the powerful stress-relieving and insomnia-busting effects that it offers. Expect pungent sweet and piney aroma, crystal-coated buds, and fruity undertones. During this high-stress period in our lives, the Northern Lights strain is most suitable to deal with symptoms relating to anxiety.

 Strain Type: Indica

Good For: Stress, pain, anxiety, depression



 Uniquely individual, ACDC is a special strain that doesn’t give you the classic high from Sativa strains, nor does it give you the mellowed-out feelings of an Indica. This bud has little-to-no psychoactive effects because of its heavy CBD content. Its herbal, pine, and peppery aroma and flavor combined with its ability to induce feelings of happiness and relaxation makes it ideal as a mood booster during this isolating time.

 Strain Type: Sativa

Good For: Relaxation, happiness, focus, pain, inflammation


Blue Dream

This strain was created in California from a cross between blueberry Indica and haze. It has a polarizing effect, gently relaxing the body but arousing and initiating a creative mindset. The strain is truly dreamy, with a sweet berry aroma and a reputation to help with daytime thinking and creative thinking. Although it does contain a 2% CBD content, it is quite high in THC (between 17-24%) to energize the user. Being cooped up inside due to the pandemic can sometimes make us feel uninspired and lackluster, and Blue Dream will certainly help with feelings of “blue”.

 Strain Type: Sativa

Good For: Euphoria, relaxation, uplifting, creativity


Mango Kush

 Looking for a happy, euphoric bliss and a cure for boredom? Mango Kush induces energy and takes away that mental anguish you may be experiencing from a lack of things to do and a lack of motivation. This strain has a distinguished kush flavor with hints of banana and mango, and is dense – it takes away those feelings of stress and brings about feelings of joy and refreshment and potentially a case of the giggles.


Strain Type: Indica

Good For: Euphoria, happiness, relaxation, uplifting


Cookies (Any kind)

 Mellow, pleasant, and ideal as a daytime flower, this hybrid provides an invigorating and calming feeling that promotes a positive mood and mental clarity. This strain is perfect for days indoors (seemingly most days) where you may need a pick-me-up or to clear your mind, or maybe you’re looking for balance or body-mind relaxation.


Strain Type: Hybrid

Good For: Depression, stress, insomnia, anxiety