Here’s where you can get Cannabis delivered in California during COVID-19

Here’s where you can get Cannabis delivered in California during COVID-19

As a cannabis user you might be wondering, how am I supposed to access cannabis during this trying time? The Coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for people to access services and goods, including flower and other cannabis products at dispensaries. According to Marijuana Business Daily, adult-use cannabis sales in California experienced a lesser growth than expected under regular business conditions this year. Luckily for the state, both recreational and medical cannabis businesses are deemed essential and able to operate.


Eaze (Northern California)

 Eaze has an unbelievable selection of cannabis products with an unbeatable delivery service. From flower, to cartridges, prerolls, edibles, CBD products, and more, their extensive product list along with a seamless online ordering experience makes it easy to satisfy your cannabis needs during the coronavirus days with limited-to-no contact needed.(promo code of 20% off for every first time user).

Speed Weed

 Speed Weed is a highly rated marijuana delivery service that delivers cannabis as quickly and easily as a pizza. They have also been featured by the New York Times, LA Times, GQ, CNN, Bloomberg, Forbes, and other famous media outlets because of their long-time reputability since 2010. With them, you can purchase flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, and accessories at many price points.

Overnight Kush

 Overnight Kush is a statewide cannabis delivery company that ships orders submitted before 3 pm on the same day, and orders submitted after 3 pm from Friday – Sunday on Monday mornings. This easy and discreet service allows Californians to get oils and tinctures, edibles, flower, and CBD products straight to their door with a premiere service and loyalty program with discounts.

Pineapple Express

Competitive prices, fast delivery, friendly service, and high quality are just a few of the attributes of Pineapple Express – a cannabis delivery service that offers online ordering, phone orders, live chat, and considers the COVID-19 situation. The team has specifically emphasized that their delivery service team wear gloves and face masks, limit cash purchases, and take sanitizing seriously.

Pot Valet (Southern California)

Pot Valet is perhaps one of the best marijuana delivery services in California, as they serve immediate delivery to your location in 45 minutes or less. They cover Downtown LA, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Irvine, and many more cities and counties in the area, and provide 100% natural strains from a reputable, high-quality supply network. A loyalty program also exists for those who order over $200 in 30 days.

Ganja Runner

Ganja Runner offers up a fine selection of medicinal marijuana, edibles, flower, vapes, to residents throughout the state. With scheduled and express delivery from over 300 varieties from 52 brands and no delivery fees after a $30 minimum order, it is easy to order what you need from their online site. They cover 90% of California, delivering to 32 counties and offer countless deals such as 3 bags of Korova Cookies for $50.

Flower Company

 This exclusive members-only cannabis delivery club delivers quality cannabis products from top brands as fast as 24-hours across California. Brands include Ganja Gold, Raw Garden, Connected, and Kanha, as well as their own concentrates and strains. Their membership offers the opportunity to get double the product for your money delivered to your door.