How to Buy Cannabis Online?

How to Buy Cannabis Online?

The recent changes in the cannabis laws in the USA have led to not only a massive boost in the cannabis industry, but also a great deal of confusion. For example, marijuana is still classed in Federal Law as an illegal substance, but there are many states in which it is now legal to not only possess cannabis for recreational use, but to grow a number of plants for personal use. It is important to understand that State law differs depending upon where you are, but as of the time of writing – November, 2019 – cannabis is now legal in the following US states:

Cannabis flowerCalifornia, Alaska, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. In addition, a further 15 states have decriminalized cannabis, while not making it officially legal. However, as we said above, the law differs from state to state. For example, in California – the first state to legalize cannabis in 2016 – an individual can have up to an ounce on their person, and may grow up to 6 plants at home. 

In Illinois, where it will become legal on January 1st, 2020, the amount is 28grams, and one can grow 5 plants. It is also legal for licensed growers and suppliers to sell cannabis products commercially, except in Vermont and the District of Columbia, where sale is prohibited.  In all states, only those of 21-years and older may use cannabis, and growers and retailers have to be licensed.

What effect does all of this have on you, as a cannabis user?

Finding a Retailer

So, let’s say you are a resident in California, or one of the states where you can buy cannabis from a licensed retailer. What is the best way to find quality weed at sensible prices? Most who buy their cannabis do so from reputable online retailers, and while there are many that have become established, it is important that you find one that is genuine, and not in it to make a quick buck by selling you poor quality products then vanishing – something that has been reported to have happened quite often.

How do you know an online retailer is reliable, and will supply you with the best possible cannabis products? First, they will be up front and honest about clarifying their licence. This is very important, as any retailer who is not willing to display – or show you on request – their licence is one you should walk away from. Also, they will have a decent website – it doesn’t have to be complex, but will be easy to use and display all the information you need- with a safe and secure payment portal. 

You should also check that the retailer you are looking at is happy to tell you where the cannabis products they sell were grown and processes. Also, you want to know about the strain of cannabis you are buying, and its THC content. THC – tetrahydrocannabinol – is the compound in marijuana that gives you the high effect. Different users like different levels of THC and other compounds, so ask about options as your retailer will have a choice for you to look at.

A couple of warning points: Hemp Oil is not marijuana. It will be low in THC – or even have none at all. There have been instances of unscrupulous retailers passing off hemp products – even CBD products, which are legal but are also not marijuana – as cannabis, and for the inexperienced it is easy to fall for a cheap price. Also, the old saying applies here: if it looks too good to be true, it most likely is. 

Buying Your Marijuana

Once you have found a reputable dealer, asked them all the questions above, checked out what quality control procedures they have in place,  and are happy that everything is legit, you can buy your marijuana as easily as you would when shopping for anything online. It’s safe, discreet and legal, and you will find that as the legalized cannabis market grows, you will have access to different options that you can try that may not have been open to you before with the black market. 

If you’re not in one of the states where cannabis is already legal, keep a close eye on the news, as there are plans for legalization in many more states in the very near future as they start to see the financial benefits of legalization. 

We pride ourselves on providing detailed and fair reviews of legal online weed stores. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about buying weed online.