How to Buy Weed Online in the Us Part 1 :

If you’re reading this, you probably know by now that the weed industry is, well, blossoming to say the least. With so many states, you can just walk around the corner and buy it like you’d go to 7-11 and get a slurpee.

And along with legalization comes the opportunity to buy it online and have it delivered, which you can’t do with a slurpee (unless something awesome has happened, in which case you can have weed AND slurpees delivered at the same time. That could actually get out of control…).

online stores of cannabis in the USSo what do you need to know and consider?

  1. Location

As of  today there are  11 states that have legalized recreational marijuana

Alaska,California,Colorado,District of Columbia, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Washington


The last  one, Illinois, should be legal as of May 2020.

Also, while trying to write this post we weren’t able to find a list provided by each state that has all the legal cannabis shops both brick and mortar and online cannabis shops.

We have covered 2 states, and in the next post we will  be adding more sites of states where you can find a list of legal dispensaries

Washington State: – we were not able to extract any legal list dispensaries or online shops, but this has pertinent info that you can use to guide you.

California has the most accessible data for licensed cannabis shops that we’ve seen up until this point.  Access it here –

  1. Buy online cannabis- If you happen to live in one of these states and are above the age of 21, you are most likely permitted to buy weed online (we won’t say with 100% certainty because some counties or municipalities could have their own laws against it). Awesome huh? You could actually have weed delivered to your door.
  2. Online cannabis Legality:  Before you buy, confirm that the online cannabis shop you wish to buy from is actually Legal.  California’s search system is rather easy. In other states however, our advice is to search under the the site’s in question FAQ, or contact their support.  Before buying weed online be patient. Don’t order before you are sure this is supervised, the underground days are over. You don’t want to buy from someone that is being observed by the IRS or FBI.
  3. mj dispensary online in the usOnline cannabis  Payment methods – First things first, find out the payment methods. Chances are if they only accept crypto currency or cash, they either don’t have their act together or are illegal. Don’t even go there. Online cannabis shopping experiences should be utilizing 3rd party payment and delivery services. If they don’t ask for a valid ID or do some sort of 2 step verification, avoid at all costs.
  4. Terms and Conditions – Do your due diligence and read the terms and conditions.  Check for the company’s licenses number and then go over their payment and return policies.
  5. Special incentives- Some online cannabis shops offer specials to returning clients. Moreover if you find an online cannabis shop that does not provide incentives, please leave a comment about them on our website, and switch it to a better one that treats you right.

Online cannabis shops should reward their customers on a monthly basis or even on individual purchases.

  1. Delivery – Not all online shops are created equal.  Some shops have a delivery option, some offer both pickup and delivery, and some offer pickup only. the reason, is the physical location of the cannabis shop

if you are located in county or city in which there are no cannabis shops and the shop from which you ordered is in another city, read their terms and conditions or even go so far as to contact their support in order to be sure they can deliver to your destination.

Keep in mind this is all very general and is more of an overview of the ever changing online cannabis scene. In our next few posts we will dig deeper into the various states.