is Cannabis Dangerous

is Cannabis Dangerous

Millions of patients around the world consume medical cannabis. Opponents of the plant claim that it is a ‘gateway drug’ to other drugs, prejudices attribute certain properties to consumers, but is there such a thing as an ‘overdose’ of cannabis? In the United States, for example, there are over 4 million citizens who suffer from diseases, ranging from anxiety, sleep problems, epilepsy, chronic pain, and are treated with the help of the plant.

What is an overdose? An overdose occurs when the body absorbs too much substance. It can be caused by prescription drugs, opioids, methamphetamines, and alcohol. If there is no medical intervention, it can be fatal

Can cannabis use cause an overdose?

No medical case of cannabis overdose has been reported yet. At the same time, those who consume cannabis in smoking, usually consume it with tobacco, which puts them at risk of contracting a number of diseases. Rapper Snoop Dogg, describes that he smokes between 10 and 100 joints a day and is still “alive to tell the story”.The negative impact of cannabis use can result in many different factors According to the European Respiratory Journal, the risk of lung cancer increases by 8% each year of cannabis smoking. In 2018 alone, lung cancer accounted for a quarter of all deaths in the United States and the survival rate from the disease was 18.6% lower than other cancers. As mentioned, regular smoking of cannabis may increase the likelihood of lung cancer. The effects of smoking can be mitigated by cannabis consumption In other ways, such as by evaporation, or by consuming oils.

Is Cannabis Addictive?

Cannabis can be addictive by those who consume it, although they tend to link addiction to harder substances, it is manifested when it begins to harm other aspects of life. Like spending most of his money on cannabis, or giving up social and career life and spending most of his time-consuming. Even in the case of detoxification, especially in combination with smoking cannabis with tobacco, various symptoms may appear, including excessive sadness, fatigue, vague thinking, and more.