Ganja Goddes adore that only the female cannabis plant produces cannabis flowers as a woman-led delivery service.

They celebrate the allure and beauty of cannabis and make it available to adults who want to enjoy all of life’s pleasures to the fullest.Ganja Goddess is a cannabis delivery service that operates throughout much of California. There are no order minimums, and all orders $75 and up receive free delivery!  Order online weed from Ganja Goddes.

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Delivery Lic. C9-0000131-LIC | Distribution Lic. C11-0000426-LIC

Delivery areas

How can I pay?

Ganja Goddess accepts online payments in most forms.

What are the order limits?

Before taxes, you can only order up to $340 worth of items for your first order. There are no financial restrictions after that.

How long does the order take?

Next-day delivery is a specialty of Ganja Goddess. Although it depends on when you place the order, it usually takes till the next day. Weekend orders, for example, may not arrive until the following Tuesday. For delivery updates, call the helpline given on the website.