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You are welcome to send us 3-5 review about your online cannabis shop and website and we will be happy to upload it if you are offline cannabis hops you are also can be presented in our website.


Here is a review of the different locations by their license and the retailer name. who are your suppliers and by BCC number os state license

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Why your online cannabis shop is special? please let us know why users should buy online at your shop your refund policy and other things you wish us to show your users

What exactly do they provide? Flowers, clones, extracts, edibles?

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we will be happy if our users can be part of a special group that enjoys a special bonus- be creative as you can.

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xxxx currently offers on-demand delivery of cannabis products within xxxx. The map above highlights areas that xxxx is servicing. Enter an exact address to see if it is in a delivery area.

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CASH paid on delivery for Cannabis Only (Credit/Debit/Venmo/Paypal - Payment for Concierge Service Only)

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we offer paypal option and other e transfer options

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Consumer have a wide selection of cannabis and related cannabis products

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Serving also medical patients

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Delivery area is detailed in the description or in at the online cannabis shop website.