California is famous for many things – the famed California beach lifestyle is one that is the envy of people across the globe. there is also the incredible Napa Valley – home to some of the best wines on the globe, Yosemite National Park, some of the best dining destinations in the United States. the list of what makes California such a special place goes on and on. However, there are some places that simply glow with what makes this region so attractive to both tourists and those who choose to make it their home – and one of those places is Carlsbad California.

So if you want to get the most out of your trip to Carlsbad – what are some of the attractions that simply have to be on your vacation bucket list?

Here are two worthy of consideration.

One of the first must surely be Sea Life Aquarium. here visitors can immerse themselves in attractions where they can get up close and personal with denizens of the deep that range from Seahorses and Stingrays to Starfish and Shrimps – and some of the larger inhabitants of the briny deep. It is a fabulous introduction for children to the wonder of U.S.and tropical waters and their inhabitants.

Dip into history, have a cold beer and some great food. The combination is almost irresistible. One of the latest attractions to open in the Carlsbad area is the ‘Green Dragon Tavern & Museum’ – which must be one of the most intriguing names of any attraction in California. here exhibits covering the early days of America, including the contributions of the Founding Fathers are highlighted. There are also wonderful examinations of the Colonial and revolutionary times. try the Pistachio Crusted Scallops or a California Lobster Roll (Connecticut version also available). The Flatbreads are also magnificent – in fact, everything is good.

Set aside some time when in California to visit Carlsbad – it’s an expere3inceyou will not forget.