California remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. the ‘Golden State’ as it is also known simply overflows with attractions that range from the undoubted delights of dining at the water’s edge at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge on the horizon to taking in the homes of the stars of the Silver screen on a tour of Beverly Hills as the Hollywood sign looks down on the action. however, there are places which may not at first glance offer that standard tourist experience – but that will still prove immensely rewarding for those who want to explore other attractions in the State.

One of these places is San Marcos.

San Marcos has a number of attractions for the holidaymaker – but one of the most impressive is the number of excellent dining destinations available to those who visit this stunning city. For the best Philly Cheese seek outside of the City of Brotherly Love visit Philly Franks or take your seat for some great ‘down home’ treats at Mama Kat’s where the Chicken Fried Steak shines – and is only eclipsed by the fabulous pie (hint: the Lemon Meringue is incredible).

For something, a little different take the opportunity to indulge in a San Marcos wine tour. California is a global leader when it comes to wine and any visitor who does not set aside some time to enjoy the labors of one of the fine cellarmasters in the region will be doing themselves a grave disservice. Although visitors will be spoiled for choice two great wine orientated destinations are the Sunshine Mountain Vineyard and California Fruit Wines.

San Marcos really does have something for everyone. If you have a California visit in mind then set aside some time to leave the tourist-heavy attractions and venture slightly off the beaten path to explore this city – it will a be a decision you will not regret.