Making the Online Cannabis Experience Better

Making the Online Cannabis Experience Better

The Online Cannabis Shopping Experience. Can we Make it Better?

The cannabis revolution continues to move along, after Canada has introduced legal marijuana nation wide and more US states are joining the industry of legalized marijuana. However, despite progress, we find that the online cannabis shopping experience is still far from perfect. One of the key challenges that cannabis consumers face, is to decide where to buy, what type to purchase, understand who delivers and how that works, and finally, legality issues.

What we are trying to do on our website is to provide a genuine comparison model which is compiled by manually finding legal online weed dispensaries which we then review based on a number of different factors.

The factors that we analyze and compare sites on are as follows:

– Variety of products sold. Such as: Accessories, Apparel, Beverages, Concentrates, Edibles, Flower, CBD for Pets, Pre-Rolls, Topicals, Vaporizers and more.

– Delivery options and delivery areas or only pick up.

– Different strains available. Such as THC & CBD, Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids.

– Payment options.

– Special offers for online consumers.

The biggest challenge the industry is facing, when it comes to buying weed online, is that most of the legal retailers are not online marketers and have had a hard time getting their products in front of the consumers looking to purchase only legal marijuana. They have developed a static website with no plugin and no retention tools. Some of them don’t even have a website, where others have outsourced all their digital assets to different platforms, and do not have control of their product and process. A company that wants to be a leader in this industy must own their digital assets in order to control the buyer experience and increase their client base exponentially.

User interface and user experience play a huge role in the customer journey. This is something that the independent cannabis supplier must take seriously.

At, our goal is to provide users with important parameters so that they can compare and contrast different legal online cannabis shops in the market. We only allow up to 10 online dispensaries per stat above organized by county and by city. As we see that even in small counties, there is a huge difference between online weed dispensaries and we are here to help the consumers make the best decision in real-time.