The US legislation is not easy when it comes to Weed delivery services , we have spent hours and hours reviewing each state and city in order to find the best weed delivery services across the Us

We urge you as a responsible user to check always that the dispensary holds a delivery license and the city or state that you live has approved the use of weed delivery services.

How Does Weed Delivery in California Work?

California must be one of the greatest places to live if you’re a cannabis fan. Where else can you order weed online and have it brought straight to your door – sometimes within the hour? Weed delivery in California has proven to be an incredibly popular and successful industry, and the buying experience is simply miles away from what things were like in the days before full adult legalization.

Have you just moved to California from a less permissive state? Maybe you’re a visitor and want to make sure that you can have a great time while you’re here. Either way, this guide is for you. This is your complete walkthrough for weed delivery in California. In it, you’re going to learn how the process works, how to exercise the best possible weed delivery etiquette and more. Let’s begin!

Who Can Have Weed Delivered in California?

You can order weed delivery in California if you’re an adult over the age of 21. That’s the beauty of full adult legalization. You don’t have to provide a reason to justify why you want to buy cannabis – you can just order and enjoy. If you’re staying in a hotel, you’ll want to check the dispensary’s coverage area before ordering to confirm that a driver will be able to bring your products to where you are. Also note that dispensaries generally will not deliver to an address owned by the federal government.

How Can You Find a Reliable Dispensary in California?

Check out our page on weed delivery in California to get the full scoop on all the best local dispensaries. We’ve done the work to identify and check the backgrounds on all of the best weed delivery dispensaries in California, so you don’t have to.

Why Is It Important to Buy Weed from a Reliable Dispensary?

Cannabis isn’t cheap, and the last thing that you should do when you want to buy cannabis online is just buy from whatever dispensary shows up first on Google. That’s a recipe for disappointment because you may not know anything about the company’s history or about the types of experiences that previous customers have had. You want to know that the products you’re buying have been tested by an outside lab for potency and a lack of contaminants. You also want to know that the products have been stored properly – especially if you’re buying high-end flowers. You don’t want to buy from a dispensary that’s just recently popped up; you want to buy from a fully licensed company that’s been around for a while and has a flawless track record.

We’ve done that work for you and published a list of the most reliable dispensaries in California; just click the link above to view the list. If you decide to do the research on your own, though, it’s worth the time to thoroughly vet a dispensary before placing your first order.

Why Am I Being Asked to Provide a Picture of My ID and a Selfie?

California might have some of the country’s most permissive laws when it comes to buying cannabis, but a dispensary will still need to make sure that you’re an adult and are legally entitled to buy and use cannabis. Since you’re ordering remotely, asking for a picture of your ID and a selfie is the only way to confirm that you’re an adult and that the person placing the order is the one shown on the ID. The dispensary will transmit the information to a third-party service for verification, and then you’re all set.

After you order weed delivery in California for the first time, you shouldn’t have to provide your ID in the future when you order from the same dispensary again. The dispensary will keep the images on file and linked to your account. Don’t forget, though, that the driver will also need to see your ID when delivering your order. That’s necessary because it confirms that the person receiving the products is the same person who ordered them.

What Should I Do if the Dispensary Can’t Accept My Credit or Debit Card?

If you try to order weed online and find that the dispensary is unable to accept your credit or debit card, there’s no need to worry. While cannabis is legal for adults to buy and consume in California, it isn’t yet legal on the federal level. For that reason, there are some credit card issuers who won’t allow you to use their cards to pay for cannabis. Luckily, online dispensaries in California almost always accept cash payments. If you want to pay cash for weed delivery in California, make sure that you have the correct amount counted and ready to go when the driver arrives. Don’t expect the delivery driver to make change unless it’s a small amount. Even better, you can simply tell the driver to keep the change.

What’s the Correct Etiquette for Weed Delivery in California?

If you’ve just moved to California or are visiting from a state that doesn’t have full adult legalization for cannabis, you’re probably used to a very different experience when you want to buy some weed. You’re used to texting carefully, avoiding the use of certain words and being completely discreet at all times. In California, though, the cannabis industry is completely different. Having cannabis delivered to your home is really no different from ordering a pizza. There’s no need to treat your driver in a strange or awkward way.

How Much Should I Tip My Weed Delivery Driver?

When you order weed online, you may have two opportunities to tip your driver. You can add a tip to your payment during the checkout process, or you can simply tip the driver in cash when he or she arrives. There are really no hard and fast rules about tipping for weed delivery, although the posts on online discussion boards suggest that people usually tip somewhere in the range of 10-20 percent. If you can’t afford to tip that much, there’s no need to worry. People who order cannabis online have all kinds of different financial backgrounds and situations, and drivers understand that. Tipping a weed delivery driver is never required, but it’s always appreciated.

The cannabis industry is still rather new and some states or cites laws are far from being clear, we have added only the cities we saw there is a need for information and there is a demand for weed delivery, some big cities such as Chicago and Seattle are still not clear when it comes to weed delivery services some medical dispensaries do use weed delivery services although there is not a clear law about it

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