We have reviewed the state and Las Vegas and Reno Cannabis law and selected the top 10 weed delivery services and weed dispensaries in Reno and Las Vegas please make sure you get the information you verify that the weed delivery services you are about to order from have all the necessary Active Marijuana Retail Licenses

  • Who can deliver retail cannabis to consumers?

Businesses may deliver retail cannabis to consumers so long as they are licensed by both the State and the City to do so.

  • What does “licensed by the State” mean?

It means being licensed as a Marijuana Retailer by the CCB , AND having an approved Delivery Registration from the CCB. These are requirements for all Oregon businesses that deliver retail cannabis to consumers.

  • What does “licensed by the City” mean?

It means being licensed by the City of Reno or Las Vegas as EITHER a Marijuana Retailer OR as a Marijuana Retail Courier.

  • Who can deliver weed products to a shopper’s home?

a representative of that retailer with a legitimate Cannabis laborer grant number and be pronounced on the required vehicle show as recorded in CTS.

  • Would I be able to order weed online delivery to a similar location in a solitary day?

No. A retailer may not make more than one delivery to a similar location in a solitary day, regardless of whether the delivery is to an alternate person.

  • Weed delivery restrictions

Customers too will have to prove that they are the individuals who ordered the product you must be present to receive the delivery, no Casino can accept weed delivery service